Cygnett Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Today, I will be looking at the Cygnett Bluetooth Keyboard. It’s a small, portable QWERTY keyboard that is able to connect to a multitude of deices including the iPad (2), iPhone 4(s), MacBook Pro and Air, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy II. It 218mm x 93mm x 21mm, and it weighs 200g; this makes it very portable. It has 78 keys including Print Screen.
When you first look at it, you realise how small it is, and you can tell that Cygnett had made it with portability in mind. This means that they had to compromise in the size of the keys, which makes it harder type with and takes a bit of time getting used to. It comes complete with a cmd and option key, for use with MacBook only, and the print screen only works on computers too. There is a numpad, that can work on iDevices though. It also has arrows keys which are lacking from the virtual keypad on iOS.
The keyboard comes with a charging cable that connects to a USB port such as a laptop or a PS3. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge, but you can use it for quite long from one hour’s charge. The device doesn’t take long to pair and you are good to go as soon as it does.
Overall, a very good product, I would only improve it by making the letter keys a bit bigger, and moving all the other keys to fill the gap in the border so the actual keyboard will be the same size.
Have you got a bluetooth keyboard? Comment below!

20120423-035424 PM.jpg


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