My Minecraft Mod…

Hey guys!
Today I’ll talk to you about my minecraft mid which I am working on. It will be called GodBlock. It will either replace or change an existing block so that you can see through the ground and see where caves, dungeons and lava is etc.
I think its really cool, and I’m nearly done!
I’ll give you more news later!


MinecraftFree Multiplayer Server Method

Okay, so I found a way to help with the MinecraftFree multiplayer problem. Basically you have to host a special MinecraftFree server. It’s a modded version of the Minecraft Classic server that allows MinecraftFree to read it. Then, copy the URL and paste it into the Server URL textbox.
You should be able to play online!
Thanks for supporting me through-out this project, I will post download links when it’s ready for general release. If you want to beta test, comment below. I’ll give a copy to the first five people.
Thanks, and remember to comment!

G-Dev++ Download

I made a wiki page for G-Dev++, for the downloads. At the moment I have only got the Windows version on the site. Check it out!

20120423-051554 PM.jpg

G-Dev++ Logo

I am making a wiki page for G-Dev++ here is the logo, do you like it?

20120423-041256 PM.jpg

Like the New Look?

Like the new look? Decided to change the theme because it looked a bit too dark. Do you like it? Leave a comment if you like.

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Big Giveaway!

Its giveaway time!
I’ll give the whole Harry Potter series of eBooks to the first person to comment to this post! Then I’ll give the Da Vinci Code free eBook to the second person to comment to this post! Just tell me how you would like to receive your gift: email, me commenting the links on your blog, iMessaging the link to you if you have iOS 5. If you don’t tell me how you would like to receive the gifts, I can’t give them to you and I will give them to the next person along…
There will be more giveaways coming soon, only if I give these giveaways away…
So hurry up and comment!


Phonegap is amazing!
It allows you to program apps for multiple platforms including iOS with HTML and JavaScript! It installs as an Xcode template. What’s more, it’s free! I think it’s the best thing for Xcode since… Xcode.

Work on Insignia…

Work on Insignia has started we are using the mobile framework called jQTouch. Check it out if you haven’t heard of it. Works a treat for iOS HTML development!

How to Get Your Music into the iTunes Store for Free!!!

This is no joke! How you can get your music into the iTunes Store for Free! Okay, basically you register the song as a podcast, so it will turn up in the podcast section of iTunes! Podcasts are free to make and you have to sell them for free, so you won’t get any money from it. This is great if you aren’t that serious about music and wanted to put something into iTunes for fun. If you want, get a link to the song, or actually the podcast, and put it on your site saying that it is a song, people will click the link, get taken to iTunes where they can download it, just like a song!
Alright, let’s get started with the tutorial! There are many services that allow you to create podcasts automatically, but I’ll show you the XML, hard way. (Hooray!)

1. So I’ve put together an XML file that consists of everything, all you need to do is change the bits in CAPITALS to what suits you.
You can download the file here.
Make sure you change everything in CAPITALS and only in CAPITALS.

2. Save the XML file on your site, then open it up. You should get a page showing the name and the song that you can click, if you get that , you’re good to go; if you don’t, make sure you followed the instructions carefully, and redo it.

3. Launch iTunes on a PC or Mac. Go to the Podcasts tab on the top. Then click the link that says Submit a Podcast. Type in the URL of the feed exactly how it is. Then you may need to sign in with your Apple ID. After this, you will be presented with the info about your feed. If it is correct, select submit. You will be emailed when Apple have put your podcast into iTunes.

And that’s how you do it!


I can reveal to you that Insignia is going to be programmed in HTML! I will give you more info soon!