This is the terabytedude guide to cheats! Let’s get started…


Know Where Somebody will shoot a Penalty
When the opponent takes a penalty, his non-kicking foot tells you where he is going to kick the ball. If he is right footed and his left foot is very close to the ball, he shall kick the ball in the right direction, if it was far away from the ball, he kicks it int the left direction. With lefties, if his right foot is really close to the ball, he shoots left, if it far way, he shoots right.


Duplicate Items
Follow these simple steps to duplicate items in Minecraft.
Step 1: Put item in your inventory.
Step 2: Drop item (More items dropped = more items duplicated)
Step 3: Pause and click “Save and Quit To Title”
Step 4: Play the world with dropped items
Step 5: Pick up items.
Step 6: Pause. Wait of the world to save.
Step 7: Exit Minecraft.
Step 8: Open Minecraft again.
Step 9: Enjoy the duplicated items! (Works with diamonds)

Infinite Water
You will need 2 water buckets. Now dig a STRAIGHT line with 3 holes like this: If “=” equals a line, make this “===”. Dig 3 holes STRAIGHT and then put 1 water bucket in each end and then get the Water from the middle and the water well keep regening so the water is Infinite.

Make a Snowman!
Ever wanted to see a snowman in Minecraft?
Well, you can! These creatures are called Snow Golems. AKA “Snowmans.” Here is how you can easily make one.
1. If you have 1 pumpkin and 2 snow blocks, place a snow block anywhere, and place another one on top of it.
2. After placing the two snow blocks, add the pumpkin on the top.
And then you’ve just made a Snow Golem/Snowman.


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