iBooks Author

Have you seen the new mac app called iBooks Author? It allows you to make content-rich, interactive iBooks for the iPad. Just connect your iPad and you’re food to go. You can even set an opening video that plays each time you launch the iBook! Check it out, it’s free!


I Have Got a MacBook Pro!

Hey guys!
Saturday was my birthday and I got a MacBook Pro! It was the 15-inch version and it is sooooo cool! It has OS X Lion with the multitasking gestures! That’s all for now, see you!

MinecraftFree Multiplayer Server Method

Okay, so I found a way to help with the MinecraftFree multiplayer problem. Basically you have to host a special MinecraftFree server. It’s a modded version of the Minecraft Classic server that allows MinecraftFree to read it. Then, copy the URL and paste it into the Server URL textbox.
You should be able to play online!
Thanks for supporting me through-out this project, I will post download links when it’s ready for general release. If you want to beta test, comment below. I’ll give a copy to the first five people.
Thanks, and remember to comment!

I’m Moving to Mac…

It’s true…
I’m moving to Mac. I am, hopefully, going to get a MacBook Pro for my birthday at the end of this month. It is not because I don’t like Windows, no, it is for a few other reasons:

1. My windows laptop is slowwwwwwwwww…

2. Mac are cool. They have style, and are so ├╝ber-cool. The GUI is much better than windows.

3. Xcode and the iOS SDK. Yeah, for about two years now, I’ve wanted to get a mac for solely this reason. I wanted to make iPhone apps! Also, I was tired of using VB to make programs for windows, I wanted to start developing for mac!

4. OS X Lion is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Have you tried it at an Apple Store? It it such an update to Snow Leopard. It is enhanced by the MacBook pro’s multitasking gestures.

Yeah, I’ll miss Windows, but I believe that Mac is the way forward for me. I’m not saying mac’s better than windows, I’m just saying that for me, mac is right – just because it has what I need and want.

Here are the top three programs I’ll miss from Windows:

Visual Basic. It is the best SDK I have ever used, it creates program’s for windows easily. I made program for my friends all the time. I guess Xcode is the mac alternative, I hope it will be this good!

Dark Basic Pro. It was the best 3d game programming language I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, the compiler is not available for macs, so I will have to find another, equally awesome 3d game programming language that is suited to macs.

3d RAD. I used this program for a Latin project at school once, I got 9/10. It is so easy to use, and the fact that it had a scripting tool helped a lot – because I like scripting.

There we have it. Thanks for reading what I think is my longest post ever. Remember, comment, like and follow!

I leave you with an image that made me chuckle:

20120424-060014 AM.jpg

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.3.0 ~ With Crafting!

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.3.0 has been released! It has loads more features including crafting! Yes, you heard it Minecraft Pocket Edition now has crafting! The features don’t stop there though, cows and chickens have been added! Also, the inventory has been completely redesigned! It has to be the best Minecraft PE update ever!!!

20120424-053449 AM.jpg

Full Sketch Nation Studio Review

I managed to bag myself a copy of Sketch Nation Studio and I have had it for a day. I will now give you a full, detailed review on the app.
Firstly, the app is free to download on both iPad and iPhone (and iPod Touch). As it is a free app, and it is available for all devices, it gets full marks for the looks on the App Store.
Once you open it, you get a quick tutorial for making your very first game! Easy as Pi!
It’s very simple to learn and the labels are marked clearly, so you know what everything is. It’s got a built-in social network to share games and artwork, it even gives you ‘sketchbucks’ every time someone downloads your stuff!
There are five game types, up jumping, side jumping, down jumping, side running and side flying. With those, there are three game modes, simple, advanced and stand-alone app. In simple, you just change the artwork and your game is built! With advanced, you change everything, there are power ups, enemies, coins even a power up store that the player can access! You can add dust coming from the back of the player (for instance if it’s a car or a train). It is an awesome app!
Stand-alone app is just the same as advanced mode with one exception, you can send your game off so that it can be put on the app store! Yes, once finished, you have the chance to apply your game to sketch nation, who will decide if its good enough for the App Store!
The game will be sent off usually at the price off 0.99$ (69p). Apple[will take their 30% cut and the rest will be halved between you and Sketch Nation!
This app gets 90% on my app scoreboard! You should really check this app out.

20120423-071644 PM.jpg

Sketch Nation Studio… The Countdown Begins…

Less than an hour until 18th of April 2012… The world wide launch of Sketch Nation Studio!

Sketch Nation Studio Coming Out Tomorrow!

Sketch Nation Studio is coming out tomorrow! I cannot believe it! I am so going to get it straight away! I have been following the Enginious Games Team for ages, waiting for this release! What do you think? Comment below, please!


1 day to go until the launch of Sketch Nation Studio…

How to Make Awesome Games in Xcode!

This tutorial will combine three services to create amazing games in Xcode. We will be using GameSalad to create the game, PhoneGap to wrap up the game for Xcode. You can publish apps from GameSalad, but of you want to publish for Cydia, or want to use it in the iPhone Simulator, and have not paid the $99, this is the only way.
Firstly, make your game in GameSalad, there are many tutorials, so I will just have a basic hello world game.
First, download GameSalad, it’s free! Create a new project. Click on initial scene to open up a scene. Click on the small plus under actors. It will create an actor. Drag this actor onto the scene. Then double-click on the actor inside the scene. Drag an image onto the preview image at the top. I used a picture which had text on it saying hello world.
That’s all we are going to do in this tutorial, pretty basic.
Go back to scene editor and click the web preview button. You game will be launched in your browser. Note the URL location of the file. Then navigate to that file in Finder. Copy the whole folder to somewhere like your desktop. Make sure the .html file that is your game is called index.html.
Then, go to phonegap.com and install the Xcode template. Rename the folder on your desktop to “www”, without the quotes. Drag and drop this file onto your project in the hierarchy.
Then run the game it should work and you will be able to view your game.
Thanks for reading!

20120416-092606 PM.jpg