iBooks Author

Have you seen the new mac app called iBooks Author? It allows you to make content-rich, interactive iBooks for the iPad. Just connect your iPad and you’re food to go. You can even set an opening video that plays each time you launch the iBook! Check it out, it’s free!


Big Giveaway Winner!

Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a winner for our Big Giveaway of Harry Potter ebooks! Andy Res has one because of his outstanding amounts of likes to this blog. If you haven’t already, check out his blog: androidresearch.wordpress.com. It is an exceptional blog and shows what one can do if he/she is committed. Everyone should check it out…

But remember, there is still the second place to worry about, who will win the Da Vinci Code ebook? Comment, like or follow for your chance…

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Big Giveaway!

C’mon everyone!
The whole Harry Potter series all yours just for commenting! For full details, see the previous Big Giveaway post. I need a winner, and this contest will keep going until I find one!

Big Giveaway!

Its giveaway time!
I’ll give the whole Harry Potter series of eBooks to the first person to comment to this post! Then I’ll give the Da Vinci Code free eBook to the second person to comment to this post! Just tell me how you would like to receive your gift: email, me commenting the links on your blog, iMessaging the link to you if you have iOS 5. If you don’t tell me how you would like to receive the gifts, I can’t give them to you and I will give them to the next person along…
There will be more giveaways coming soon, only if I give these giveaways away…
So hurry up and comment!

Google Play?

Google have made this interesting new feature called Google Play. I thought it would be a bit like Google Chrome’s Web Store for all Web Browsers, but it isn’t, oh boy it isn’t. Google Play, allows you to not only play games on one device, but also allows you to read books, listen to music and watch videos; and then go to a different device and pick up where you left off. It is amazing! It has so many games, loads of them are games from the App Store like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope! It’s just so great! Check out this video: