G-Dev++ 2.0

G-Dev++ 2.0 is in the making! It contains added features such as you can change the player and enemy image depending on which direction it is going. This will make it look cooler! Expect a download soon!


Raspberry Pi Game Tutorial – Make Games for the Raspberry Pi!

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you how to program games for the Raspberry Pi! We are going to make a very simple 2d game using the program Game Editor. This tutorial will go through everything! All you need is a Raspberry Pi! Okay, let’s go!

Firstly, we need to hook up a monitor, keyboard and mouse to your Raspberry Pi. Make sure your SD card running the OS is in the Pi. Then connect the power lead. Wait until it has finished booting. Then, open up the web browser.

We are going to install Game Editor, so navigate to game-editor.com, or search game editor. Click Download, then click the link that says:

Windows (9x, Me, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7), Linux and Mac OS X version

Install it to a directory you can find.

Unzip this file into the same directory. Then go to Applications, System Tools, Terminal. Once terminal has opened, navigate to the unzipped folder using the commands dir and cd. For instance, if the folder is in my Documents, I would first type dir and hit enter. It would list all the folders in it’s current directory. I see Documents is there, so I type cd Documents and hit enter. Then again I type dir and hit enter. I see the folder GameEditor so I type cd GameEditor and hit enter. When you think you are in the GameEditor folder, type dir and hit enter. If many files come up including gameEditorLinux, you are in the right place.

Then, still in the GameEditor folder, type the following:
chmod +x gameEditorLinux
Then hit enter. Quit out of terminal and navigate to the GameEditor folder through a file browser. Open up gameEditorLinux and a window should pop up, this is Game Editor!

Now you have installed game editor, let’s make a very simple game.

Click Add Actor and name it anything. Click add. A Pacman will show up. He is an actor. Actors are objects on the screen. Pacman is the default, so we’ll live it like that. Right click on him and click actor control. This is where we can edit things about the actor. Where it says events, click add, then click create actor, then add action. Click follow mouse, add, then immediate action. Then you can close. Click game mode and you will see Pacman following your mouse!

This is because we added the event create actor. This occurs when the actor is created. As the actor is created at the beginning, it is like an actor load event. We set it to follow mouse, so it would follow the mouse. When we ran the game, sure it followed the mouse!

To finish off, go to config, game properties and click on the button that says window and change it to full screen. When you go back to game mode, it will be in awesome full screen which will make it look cooler and that you really are making a game on the Raspberry Pi! Don’t forget to save your game!

Thanks for reading this tutorial! I went through a lot, so if you have ANY questions, please ask them in the comments section.

Have fun Raspberry Pi-ing!

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Big Giveaway Winner!

Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a winner for our Big Giveaway of Harry Potter ebooks! Andy Res has one because of his outstanding amounts of likes to this blog. If you haven’t already, check out his blog: androidresearch.wordpress.com. It is an exceptional blog and shows what one can do if he/she is committed. Everyone should check it out…

But remember, there is still the second place to worry about, who will win the Da Vinci Code ebook? Comment, like or follow for your chance…

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Big Giveaway!

C’mon everyone!
The whole Harry Potter series all yours just for commenting! For full details, see the previous Big Giveaway post. I need a winner, and this contest will keep going until I find one!

Game Editor ~ The Best 2D Game Maker Ever!

Introducing Game Editor! I believe this is the best 2D game maker ever. You can cate games easily with little or no programming knowledge, but if you have programming knowledge (like me), there is a C code editor for more complex games. It handles animations, paths, areas, sprites, and code so well! What’s more, you can compile for literary every OS! No matter what OS you are using, you can compile for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, PocketPC and more! For iOS, you can test it on your iDevice by installing the app geplayer, which is a bit pricey, but you are programming games for your iDevice, who cares?!
Guess what, it’s free! Yes FREE! Unless you want a license to sell on the App Store, or likewise. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux! It has to be the best, multi-platform game maker in history!
What I like best about it is you can use it whether you have never seen a line of code before, or if you are a programming Guru!
Get it now free, and start making games! Please give me a link to see your games made with Game Editor in the comments. I want to see! Have you got a better game maker? Tell me I’ll get it and do vs. review on it and Game Editor!

Big Giveaway!

Its giveaway time!
I’ll give the whole Harry Potter series of eBooks to the first person to comment to this post! Then I’ll give the Da Vinci Code free eBook to the second person to comment to this post! Just tell me how you would like to receive your gift: email, me commenting the links on your blog, iMessaging the link to you if you have iOS 5. If you don’t tell me how you would like to receive the gifts, I can’t give them to you and I will give them to the next person along…
There will be more giveaways coming soon, only if I give these giveaways away…
So hurry up and comment!

Turn your Website into an App for you Only for Free!

So you have a personal site that only you want to access, maybe some private details website or something, and you want an app for it, I’ll tell you how to do exactly that completely on your I device without the need of a computer, but remember it is only for you!
First thing to do, is go to phonegap.com. Navigate to the apps part. Select any of the free apps, and go to the app store and download that app. Using iFile, go to the applications folder, select the app and go to the .app folder, then the www folder. Inside the folder, there will be an index.html file, this HTML file is the app! Replace it with your site’s HTML file and make sure it’s called the same. Then run the app, it will show your site!
In order to change the icon and the startup image, inside the .app folder, there are various icon and default images, these are the icon and the startup images, just change them to what ever you need them to be. To change the text displayed, get the cydia tweak icon renamer and change the name that way. In the end, you will get your own icon icon, text under icon, startup screen and application.
Thanks for reading and have fun!
Remember, this is not illegal because you have purchased the app (even if it’s free).

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How to Get Your Music into the iTunes Store for Free!!!

This is no joke! How you can get your music into the iTunes Store for Free! Okay, basically you register the song as a podcast, so it will turn up in the podcast section of iTunes! Podcasts are free to make and you have to sell them for free, so you won’t get any money from it. This is great if you aren’t that serious about music and wanted to put something into iTunes for fun. If you want, get a link to the song, or actually the podcast, and put it on your site saying that it is a song, people will click the link, get taken to iTunes where they can download it, just like a song!
Alright, let’s get started with the tutorial! There are many services that allow you to create podcasts automatically, but I’ll show you the XML, hard way. (Hooray!)

1. So I’ve put together an XML file that consists of everything, all you need to do is change the bits in CAPITALS to what suits you.
You can download the file here.
Make sure you change everything in CAPITALS and only in CAPITALS.

2. Save the XML file on your site, then open it up. You should get a page showing the name and the song that you can click, if you get that , you’re good to go; if you don’t, make sure you followed the instructions carefully, and redo it.

3. Launch iTunes on a PC or Mac. Go to the Podcasts tab on the top. Then click the link that says Submit a Podcast. Type in the URL of the feed exactly how it is. Then you may need to sign in with your Apple ID. After this, you will be presented with the info about your feed. If it is correct, select submit. You will be emailed when Apple have put your podcast into iTunes.

And that’s how you do it!