G-Dev++ 2.0

G-Dev++ 2.0 is in the making! It contains added features such as you can change the player and enemy image depending on which direction it is going. This will make it look cooler! Expect a download soon!


G-Dev++ Merges with Insignia

I have decided to merge G-Dev++ with Insignia. This means that we will use the Insignia code to port G-Dev++ to iOS. It will be risky, but it’s worth a try. Tell me how you think.

G-Dev++ Download

I made a wiki page for G-Dev++, for the downloads. At the moment I have only got the Windows version on the site. Check it out! g-dev.wikidot.com

20120423-051554 PM.jpg

G-Dev++ Logo

I am making a wiki page for G-Dev++ here is the logo, do you like it?

20120423-041256 PM.jpg

G-Dev++ Windows Edition!

That’s right, G-Dev++ is coming to windows! If you saw my previous post, I showed you my Codea project called G-Dev++, a game creator. I decided to recreate it on windows using Visual Basic, and it worked! I have built a version 1.0.0, which creates a simple editable games, very similar to that of the Codea version. I hope to make a few minor adjustments before releasing it and will do so in a few days!