iBooks Author

Have you seen the new mac app called iBooks Author? It allows you to make content-rich, interactive iBooks for the iPad. Just connect your iPad and you’re food to go. You can even set an opening video that plays each time you launch the iBook! Check it out, it’s free!


iPad + Wiimote = Fun!

You can now use a wiimote to play games on a jailbroken iPad! Here’s how:
You go to Cydia and type in SNES AD+ install it and run. Go to the settings tab, turn the wiimote option on, and it will ask you to sync your remote. Then play any game they give you or install your own. Easy as!

Apple Copied Microsoft!

Apple copied Microsoft!
Let me explain…
Many of the features Apple had put in iOS5 had been invented by Microsoft for their Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. Built-in Twitter was Microsoft’s, so was the splitting keyboard, and well, iCloud, Wi-fi Sync, background downloading… The list goes on. If you want to see an article about it go here.

The New iPad has been Released

Apple have released the 3rd generation iPad. It comes with retina display, an iSight camera and 4G browsing capability. It sounds good and is exactly the same price as the iPad 2; but is it worth it? Well, it has an iSight camera which is awesome, but would you use an iPad for taking photos, I mean for family and school it’s fine, but for business, I don’t think so. The 4G as well, very few places are compatible with 4G so that is a bit of a waste. All in all it’s absolutely fantastic and I would get it any day, but I’m happy with the iPad 2, because what is it ever done to me?