Minecraft Mod Maker!

I’m going to make a minecraft mod maker with Visual Basic. I have got the main code body in my head. I hope you’ll like it!


My Minecraft Mod…

Hey guys!
Today I’ll talk to you about my minecraft mid which I am working on. It will be called GodBlock. It will either replace or change an existing block so that you can see through the ground and see where caves, dungeons and lava is etc.
I think its really cool, and I’m nearly done!
I’ll give you more news later!

G-Dev++ Merges with Insignia

I have decided to merge G-Dev++ with Insignia. This means that we will use the Insignia code to port G-Dev++ to iOS. It will be risky, but it’s worth a try. Tell me how you think.

MinecraftFree up and Running!

MinecraftFree is now working almost perfectly! Unfortunately, if you try and connect to a multiplayer server, it won’t work. I’m working on it though! Although I can’t change it so that it will connect right from minecraft itself (that would require changing the code of minecraft!), I’m creating a separate program to allow multiplayer server connection, called MinecraftFree Multiplayer. I’ll package them together so that when you first launch MinecraftFree, before running any minecraft code, it’ll ask you if you want to play single player or multiplayer.
Beta testers have also discovered a minor flaw in that the full screen button does not work. That’s an easy fix in VB. Stay tuned for a download link!


Hey guys! Today I’ll show you my ongoing project. It is called MinecraftFree. It lets people try minecraft out. It’s just a program that mirrors the java applet on the minecraft website. This is not against the terms because it is just mirroring and is doing it via the Internet and not through downloaded files – i.e. I have not downloaded the minecraft game just to sell it, I am basically showing a web browser to the applet which is online. And I am not selling it.
The game in MinecraftFree is not the full version of minecraft, that would be illegal. Instead it is just minecraft classic which is available for free.
I have finished MinecraftFree and I am currently working on MinecraftFree Multiplayer. I’ll release both at the same time – free download.

G-Dev++ Windows Edition!

That’s right, G-Dev++ is coming to windows! If you saw my previous post, I showed you my Codea project called G-Dev++, a game creator. I decided to recreate it on windows using Visual Basic, and it worked! I have built a version 1.0.0, which creates a simple editable games, very similar to that of the Codea version. I hope to make a few minor adjustments before releasing it and will do so in a few days!


Check out G-Dev++, I made it using Codea, if you haven’t already seen my post on it, go ahead check it out! Basically I wanted to give myself a challenge, to, not create a game, but a game maker! I was sick and tired of just making games and wanted to try something new! This is version 1.0.0 version 1.0.1 is coming out soon, just a few changes and the ability to save games. It’s very simple, you can choose the background colour, the images used for the player and the enemy and the enemy speed. Check out these images:

20120415-024331 AM.jpg

20120415-024335 AM.jpg

20120415-024340 AM.jpg


This is a must for any programmer. It has to be the best iPad programming app on the app store! It has a fully-featured code editor, preview screen and code resource. It uses the Lua programming language, to build iPad games. It has loads of iPad specific features like the use of the accelerometer and touch handling. It comes with a sprite and sound library and loads of example projects. It even renders 3D graphics!
As soon as I downloaded it I was glued to it! I made my first game within days! Check this out, it’s the dark mode, which is an in-app purchase:


I can reveal to you that Insignia is going to be programmed in HTML! I will give you more info soon!

Raspberry Pi Finally Available for Order!

Raspberry Pi is finally available to order. After the long wait and God knows what happened in the factory, we can order one! I ordered one as soon as I got the news… I’m so excited!