Full Sketch Nation Studio Review

I managed to bag myself a copy of Sketch Nation Studio and I have had it for a day. I will now give you a full, detailed review on the app.
Firstly, the app is free to download on both iPad and iPhone (and iPod Touch). As it is a free app, and it is available for all devices, it gets full marks for the looks on the App Store.
Once you open it, you get a quick tutorial for making your very first game! Easy as Pi!
It’s very simple to learn and the labels are marked clearly, so you know what everything is. It’s got a built-in social network to share games and artwork, it even gives you ‘sketchbucks’ every time someone downloads your stuff!
There are five game types, up jumping, side jumping, down jumping, side running and side flying. With those, there are three game modes, simple, advanced and stand-alone app. In simple, you just change the artwork and your game is built! With advanced, you change everything, there are power ups, enemies, coins even a power up store that the player can access! You can add dust coming from the back of the player (for instance if it’s a car or a train). It is an awesome app!
Stand-alone app is just the same as advanced mode with one exception, you can send your game off so that it can be put on the app store! Yes, once finished, you have the chance to apply your game to sketch nation, who will decide if its good enough for the App Store!
The game will be sent off usually at the price off 0.99$ (69p). Apple[will take their 30% cut and the rest will be halved between you and Sketch Nation!
This app gets 90% on my app scoreboard! You should really check this app out.

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I have got Sketch Nation Studio!

I have just installed Sketch Nation Studio!!! OMG!!! I can barely breathe! I’ll give you a review soon!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In England!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In England!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In Vienna!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In Vienna!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In India!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In India!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In Japan!

Sketch Nation Studio out… In Japan!

Sketch Nation Studio… Half an Hour Left

Half an hour left until England release!

Sketch Nation Studio out.. In New Zeland!

Sketch Nation Studio out.. In New Zeland!

Sketch Nation Studio… The Countdown Begins…

Less than an hour until 18th of April 2012… The world wide launch of Sketch Nation Studio!

Sketch Nation Studio Coming Out Tomorrow!

Sketch Nation Studio is coming out tomorrow! I cannot believe it! I am so going to get it straight away! I have been following the Enginious Games Team for ages, waiting for this release! What do you think? Comment below, please!